Boston Carpentry is a family, woman, minority owned business based out of Hyde Park which is a neighborhood of the City of Boston. BC has framed - completed 3 million sqft in the multiunit sector within 6 years, and counting.

BC has 2 divisions: the 1st division is focused on commercial framing. This scope of work is the core of BC, where it has prevailed. If you have a MultiUnit development in planning,please consider us for a quote. We have framed hundreds of units.

Our 2nd division is the residential division: BC focuses on smaller scaled projects, such asnew additions, new single family home developments, roof shingle installs, structural framing,new decks, window and door replacements, and siding. Along with some other areas that fall under the Carpentry scope.

Boston Carpentry is a business that strives on bringing value in a highly competitive industry.We stay committed to the client first, and work very hard to deliver an experience of excellence, from start to finish.

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Established in 2015

Mario Mejia founder/co-owner

Mario Mejia Owner/Founder has over 20-plus years experience in the Residential and Commercial Framing industry. He started in the construction trade when he was a teenager while in High School.  He put down his tool belt in his early 20's to pursue construction management roles which later led him to start his own business in 2015.  He is well known and respected in the commercial framing sector in New England by many developers, general contractors, unions and local city officials. Mario oversees all aspects of the business for Boston Carpentry.

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Boston Carpentry New Logo-13.png
Established in 2015

Mildred Mejia co-owner

Mildred Mejia is the co-owner and senior controller for Boston Carpentry.  She oversees all the accounting and financial operations with our team.  She manages the marketing, and networking aspects of Boston Carpentry.